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In Ksher Global Smart Restaurant System, customers can switch between different languages, including Thai, Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.

Online Self-Service Ordering

Customers can choose the familiar language to read and order, and the kitchen will receive the order information immediately. In this way, not only manpower is saved but also language barrier is resolved.

Multi-Payment Options

Cash, cards, WeChat Pay, etc., many payment options for customers, improve customer experience.

Serve Global Customers

The system supports the scanner of several APPs, including WeChat Pay, Alipay, Twitter, Line as well as Facebook, which will perfectly serve global customers.

Brand Building

Help you design an all-dimentional homepage with restaurant information and special features, build a immersive image in customers' mind before coming to the restaurant, when arriving as well as after leaving.

Promotion Campaign

Introduce abundant online marketing modes to offline retailing, the campaigns and discounts will help improve customers' satisfaction and sales.

Big Data Platform

Sales report, popular dishes, employee performance, customers' comments, menu management, desk management, membership management as well as chains management are all included on the big data platform, which will enable the restaurant standard operation.

Assistant Communication Tools

Tools like Address Assistant, Reataurant Miss will help customers resolve all communication problems before coming to the restaurant, when arriving as well as after leaving.

All above, is just a beginning

More than Communication

Ksher combines offline scenes with online services and makes use of online operation options --- discount coupons of reducing price for a certain amount of money, discount coupons of giving out gifts for a certain amount of money, lucky draws, custom sets, etc. As for offline merchants trained by Ksher operation, per customer transaction and sales will be raised by at least 150%.

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